Re-evaluating fitness and setting goals

I think everyone can agree that we all get in a workout rut everyonce in a while.  I realized that I’mthere and that I’ve been doing is just not giving me the results I want.  I think I’m doing plenty, but it is obviouslynot the quantity of my workouts that’s holding me back but the qualityand so I need to make some changes.  Fora little while there I used my Little Bear as my excuse, “I have some baby fatto burn off, but he’s only six months old, I have time” I recall tellingmyself.  It is a really bad idea to even STARTusing the pregnancy and the birth of a baby as a crutch or as a reason why wehold on to excess body fat.  Soon thechild is getting ready to graduate High School and we’re still claiming baby fat.  Well, Little Bear is now 2.5 years old andthe oldest is 18 with a 15 and a 6 year old in between.  Luckily, I kept off most of whatever I gainedduring pregnancy.  My focus is now onlosing body fat and trimming down the inches and not so much on the number onthat cranky scale.  I’m not a good friendof the scale so I will stick with a tape measure instead. 

My fitness routine on most weeks includes Boot Camp, MuscleConditioning, Spinning®, Turbo Kickboxing, and Pilates.  I say most weeks because when I don’t teachor train someone I CHOOSE to stay home and catch up on my chores, homework,sleep, etc… And there it is, the culprit and the reason I’m not gettingresults.  Did you catch the operative words—MOSTWEEKS.  I have to commit to go workout ondays when I don’t have to teach, regardless of what else needs to be done athome.  Chances are the chores will stillbe there waiting.  Besides, if I had toteach or meet a client I would have to go, right? Right!!

My other issues are that I sometimes go off track with myeating habits, I stay up late and get up early, and lately, I have not beenwriting anything down as I should.  Did Imention stress?  I have a few things thatadd unnecessary stress to my life.  Let’s see now, we are a military family expectingorders to move mid-school year – no, not crazy about that; we have a house tosell; I’m taking classes online (what was I thinking?); our oldest is goingAWAY to college and did I mention we have a 15 year old girl? Yikes!  What happened to my little girl?  It can all be handled, I just have to getorganized, re-evaluate and set some realistic goals.  Here are some things I know I need to do:

1.      WRITE ITDOWN!  A goal has to be on a paper,on the calendar, journal, or on the fridge door.  Once it’s written down I am accountable and morelikely to stick with it.

2.      It is important to set realistic goals.  In otherwords, I can’t just write that I want to lose 15 pounds by next Friday andexpect it to happen, at least not following a healthy routine.  I am willing to trim down at a much slowerpace because I want it to stay off.  I alsodon’t want to lose muscle mass just body fat and inches. 

3.      I will be preparedto succeed every day.  This means,don’t leave home without my water and healthy snacks such as a fruit, proteinbar, nuts, etc.  I will pack my gym bagand have my workout clothes ready every day. Sometimes I wait to the last minute (procrastinate) then I end upstressing if I can’t find my shorts or my shoes.

4.      Use my calendar to keep track of what I am doing to reach my goal – sleep, nutrition,exercise, relaxation, etc.

5.      Re-visit the fridge, freezer and pantry.  There are some pesky snacks left over from aparty that need to go.  I must eliminate the temptation and replacethem with healthy snacks—again!

This is my week to evaluate my fitness, nutrition, stress, andsleep.  To reach my goals I have to getthem down on paper, give myself the time it takes to get there, eliminate someof the stressors in my life, and get some well-needed sleep.  I’m excited and energized by seeing my planon paper or on screen in this case.  Ihope this list will give you a boost to get started on your goals as well, trymine or tell me about yours…I’d like to know what you are doing or plan to doto reach your fitness goals.

Stay well,

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