re gonna be the opposite of dismayed. -


Hi everybody!  Alison here.  It’s the latter half of Tuesday — that’s elitist for ‘Tues. evening’ — and I just got off the phone with mi madre… who has informed me that she knows what it is I go through season after season, “recapping that Bachelor show” and so she wants me to know that she’s officially going to watch it this season (for the first time ever).  She wanted me to know that I can avail myself of her, should I ever have any questions or need input.

So congratulations, Mom!  You finally got yourself to that Number 1 position on my speed dial.  And all it took was selling your soul.  I cannot say that I am not impressed.  But I can say with certainty that you have made an egregious error.

Welcome to Hell, mother.  Welcome to Hell.

In other more-relevant-to-weddings news, you may have noticed it over the last week, but we’re taking a pretty exciting shift here on the TKB blog, and I feel you’re gonna be the opposite of dismayed.  Because that shift involves doing the same thing you guys are used to, but adding gads more DIY projects to the rotation.  wooWOO!  Supa chic, supa creative, supa fly, supa dupa fly, DIY projects.  Projects that will run the gamut as far as ease/difficulty, but that will all most likely be simple enough for even a dog to undertake, at least without significant frustration.

But– umm…  well, I guess I should probably mention that I am specifically referring to my dog, Bambino McPuppypants III, Esquire, who is very good with his hands.  Like, the guy curates a lot of the more well-formed boards on our Pinterest page (did you think I do ALL OF THIS myself??).  In fact, Bambenis is constantly DIY’ing random things around the house.  Ex., through the power of DIY, just the other day he transformed his braided toy rope into “a woman’s wig comprised of a tangled mess of thousands of strings.”  And over the course of one month during his INFANCY he repurposed what was a new beige couch into “a raised couch-like door matt for wiping outdoor dirt off of your body while relaxing in a seated position watching television.”  Miracles, both.  And yes while we hate both of these DIY projects, we understand that not all geniuses start out making masterpieces, and we trust that his strength for choosing projects we can all enjoy will only improve.  But so yeah– he’s not your normal dog.  So please don’t go and make your pet feel bad about the fact that Bambino can accomplish DIY projects with ease.  That’s pretty mean of you.

Alrighty, so the amazing Andrea of Gray Harper Event Maker is back again today (!!!), with another fab DIY that anyone who gets a kick out of gold, spray painting, personalizing, drinking, and all the trappings thereof will thoroughly enjoy this project, SON.

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