Re-purposing Foods: Not Just About Frugality

Re-purposing the foods you've enjoyed in one form that don't merit dumping down your food disposer isn't simply a matter of being frugal, it's an approach replete with mutiple obvious and hidden benefits!

Consider the boost your creativity will gain as you exercise thinking outside of the recipe box; and how about helping our planet  by minimizing food waste (of course it's on a very micro level but it all must add up), and don't underestimate the gratification that comes from making the most of what's on hand. Besides all that, you save a tremendous amount of time from starting anew at each meal, not to mention that much of what you'll be creating is conducive to freezing for use at another time! 

I've termed my approach to cooking - a philosophy really, as "Another Day Gourmet" and have been blogging about my creations complete with recipes and photos for ages. See and click on the header for Another Day Gourmet. I hope you'll suggest some additional approaches you'd like to share! 




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