Reach Out to Others…Who?

It’s easy for us to criticize the other woman.  Other people give us so much ammunition to use.  They are loud and noisy when they’re out shopping, they pop gum in the library where it’s suppose to be quiet… and when they drive—eek! They’re either barely moving along or drive as if they were a bat freed from a cave!  So, you see, it’s hard to look pass the other woman’s faults—as God has.

Do we ever look in the mirror to see the truth in us? It’s much easier to see the other person’s faults than it is to face our own.  It’s not easy to do, but until we can and do examine ourselves, neither we nor the world can be healed.  We must not only take a stand against disrespect, abusive relationships, child neglect, failure and corruption of government, etc., we must also determine whether or not those negative behaviors that we stand against are in us.  

Your perception of others is your reality.  Meaning, what you see is a result of what is inside you.  Until we examine ourselves and began to remove the layers of shame, pain, hopelessness, we can  not be healed.   Take an inventory of yourself, look in the mirror and begin to ask yourself  “who am I?”  Take a self-awareness reality check:  where are you in terms of spiritual growth, how’s your integrity, figure out what you stand for.  What message are you sending the world? What are your roles and purpose in life? Are you walking according to The Word?  Are you just another face, destroying life as you go along so you can shine?  Do you have any faith?  How are you using it?

Women are powerful creatures.  It will take us coming together to stop this MADNESS in our communities, and all over the world.  One woman cannot do it alone.  But together—just by providing the kind of support you provide to a person/friend after a crisis in their life—we can make a big and significant difference in the world.  Our faith and trust in God should extend pass Sunday.  The good work that we do should not be limited to those people who are just like us, who attend our church or live in our neighborhood or behave themselves like we do.  Need is bigger than just the need of those we know and like.

If you’d like to know more about out-reaching to a hurting world, and to begin your healing, check us out  at .  Give us a call at:  313.248.967.9561 or 313.930.0062   



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