Reaching out to women gearheads!

Today in my search for blogging advice I stumbled across this site. It took me very little time to determine that this is a vast and dynamic community of women with all sorts of interests. My question is this: do many of you have an interest in the automotive world?


To be clear, I am a man. While this is obviously a female-based community, I did not see any restrictions for men, so unless I'm asked to leave, I'd like to pick your brains!


For the past year I have been writing an automotive blog, and find that it is slowly gaining new readers. I would like this to continue, and have been trying to encourage growth through automotive forums. Most of those are visited by men, and when I step back and look at my blog, I realise that it may not be a perfect fit for your typical hardcore male (or female) automotive fan. I don't write much about horsepower, or racing, or the most impressive new cars out there. I write more about goofy old cars and relics that I stumble across in my day-to-day travels, and try to keep my stories lighthearted and conversational.


I am curious to know if this sort of blog might appeal to female readers. Some women obviously go for the more traditional modern, performance-oriented shiny-new-car type of blog, but I suspect there are some female automotive fans that might enjoy the kind of easy-reading, observational stories about cars that I provide.


Am I wrong? I really would appreciate your thoughts and advice! I truly enjoy writing my blog, and am just trying to find my public. Take a peek, and let me know if any of you are interested in the types of stories I write. Thanks in advance!



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