Reaction to Media Coverage of Jerry Sandusky the Child Molester

I'm kind of ashamed of the way we, as a society, are responding to this Penn State tragedy. I'm not talking on an individual level although I have to say I've seen some surprising individual comments about it on Facebook. However, most people aren't mentioning it at all and if you didn't have cable you might not even know that this happened.


I know, because I don't have cable and I didn't know that it happened until last night. My husband told me after I saw that Joe Paterno was fired at the restaurant bar we were sitting in. I innocently asked why Joe Paterno would be fired. Wasn't he one of the greatest coaches of all time? My husband stared at me in disbelief. Let me just add here that I am a pretty well educated girl. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from college, it wasn't a premier college or anything...but still.  Decently intelligent.  I'm a little embarrassed that I get my news from television but it's true. And since we have cut the cord on television in our household, I pretty much have to rely on what people tell me, Facebook and the occasional glance at or the like.


I do have to say, however, that when I did start googling all of the news coverage of this tragedy...I was disgusted. Not just by what happened, which is enough to make your head, heart and internal organs explode from the feelings of sadness/injustice/anger/disgust (pick one or all) but from the way the media is covering it. All they are showing is pictures of Joe Paterno. I get that he is the celebrity in the bunch but this is about a monster of a man and his picture should be the one plastered all over that tv screen. Jerry Sandusky, the child molester. Horrific. In addition, Joe Paterno, nor anyone with any knowledge of this happening handled it correctly. Anyone with this knowledge should have gone straight to the police. Period..


This is about those boys that were abused, not Penn State or Joe Paterno. Those boys deserve better from us as Americans and definitely from the media. As to the people who are already making jokes or saying that they've heard enough about it, I wish they would try to think about those children and how they would feel if this happened to them...


This guy needs to be locked up for life.


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