Read All About It: Motherly Law Featured in Minneapolis Star Tribune

Star tribune article picToday, Sunday, Nov. 7th, Motherly Law is featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. I have been quite nervous awaiting the publication of this article. I even made DH read it before I did; just in case there was something I would need to be told of to soften the blow. But the good news is that the article is nice and well written. The author, Julie Pfitzinger, was lovely, and I quite enjoyed talking with her. In our emails going back and forth setting a time and place for the interview, Julie said she thought an hour would be adequate. I had to chuckle about that. I thought to myself, she doesn't know me. We spent two and a half hours chatting. Yep, that's more like it. I do LOVE to talk.

Thanks to Julie and to Tom, the kind, soft-spoken photographer and their editor, Lee. And thanks to all of you who read Motherly Law on a regularl (or irregular) basis. Oh yeah, and thanks to Pattisserie 46 for allowing us to take the photo there. (If you live in the Twin Cities, please, for the love of a croissant, make your way to Pattisserie 46 as soon as you possibly can - wonderfully kind servers, beautiful sweet treats and melt in your mouth pastries. I know of what I speak of. Trust me!)

Check out the Minneapolis Star Tribune article for yourself. Please remember to share it, if you like it. And check out a few of my favorite blog reads on the side bar of the article. Come back tomorrow for a post about suing minors and a case from New York. Over and out...