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 I channel Dorothea Lang for art and beauty for the sake of social justice and political reform and  Martha Stewart for art and beauty for the sake of “good things.”  Throw in a little Julia Childs and now you have entered the depths of my psyche.  “Crazy on a Good Day” is an understatement.

I left small town living in 1996 to “save the world”.  I have never looked back.  I now live in the booming metropolis of Oklahoma City.  I tried to live life as a professional student, studying the humanities and then religion.  I think I was interested in the Humanities because life seemed so much more exciting than what I learned in my small town high school.  It is!!!  I think I studied religion because I have always been a little baffled by the nuances of growing up in the Bible Belt and it seemed so strange.  Again, it is!!!  I graduated in 2003 and was informed that the point of going to college was to get a job.  I had apparently missed the “fine print”.

I found my way into Non-Profit running a state wide literacy program.  I love, love, loved it!!!  I learned so much about people, communities, sustainability, and the importance of literacy.  In fact, I think that in this day and age literacy should be one of the basic human rights….let me tell you, it is not.  I mastered everything from developing budgets to bailing my college interns out of jail all the while sporting my high heels.

I met Law Man March 8, 1996, a month and six days before I turned 18.  We became parents when we found out about our first born on Thanksgiving Day 2004.  Adam was born July of 2005.  I took off the high heels and put on the baby sling.  We were back to work.  Six months later I found out about our little guy.  Nathan was born December of 2006 and I left the day job and entered into the strange realm of raising two very spirited boys.

I am still trying to “save the world” just on a much more basic level.  I want to create a place of peace and joy to raise these amazing children.  Where I will go from here?….Read This and Tell Me What it Says!