Reading is Like a Garden

Reading is like a Garden

Every time we read we are planting seeds in our brains. The more we read the more seeds are planted and our roots begin to expand.

On a bright but windy day in spring seeds are being tossed in the air looking for a new home to sprout and grow. Just as the seeds of knowledge is looking for a home to grow and expand inside of us.

Reading is the root of discovering and exploring what we learn. The seeds are the curious and interesting facts in which our minds can grow and the more we read the more the roots expand.   Reading is expanding on what we read:  drawing on the experience that  the roots   expand  an ,leaves start growing off the stem of the plant and more and more flowers continue to grow.

Just think of the beauty of the precious red rose when it   comes to full bloom. In a similar way when  after  much time and  effort  we too bloom into innovators, teachers, inventors, and many other professions that we each have the expertise at.

Reading, discovering, and exploring are all necessary in seeing the beauty in each of us has to offer. As we journey down the unfamiliar trail of knowledge we can become more confident, curious and creative. So yes, reading is like a garden the more we read the more intelligent we become.



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