Reading Happiness

Mid-fall, #4's teacher told me at our parent/teacher conference that she was reading below her grade level.


How can that be??? I have read to her every day since she was 7 months old!
She has hundreds of books!
She reads every single night in her bed!
I have a BA in ENGLISH, for crying out loud! How could my daughter be behind in her reading???
This news was troubling, to say the least. Immediately I jumped in. What could I do about it? Should I hire a tutor? Should I get special schooling? Did I need to spend thousands of dollars on books to provoke her into reading?

I should have known better.
This was the same girl that took her time crawling, not ever really properly crawling but doing a sort of snake like army crawl on her belly. She didn't walk on her own until she was 15 mos old, but when she did, she never fell or did the toddling walk. And, potty training--she was well into two and a half before she was even interested--but when she did she was trained through the night immediately and never had accidents.
I walked into her room this weekend and found this:


She was completely engrossed in a chapter book about Princess Lulu. She read it cover to cover sitting there in one sitting.

Of course she did.

Of course.

Happiness in my heart. I should have known better. As my oldest, she is always testing my patience and my worries.

Happiness to see her reading.


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