Reading at the Table- Food News Roundup

I’ve rounded up some of the best food news of the week. Enjoy!

The Origins and Trajectory of Bouillabaisse – (The Salt/NPR)

Now a “fancy” fish stew served in high end restaurants, but once a way for fishermen to use leftover fish.

” Modernist Cuisine at Home” -a Review (LATimes)

The new book by Nathan Myhrvold is out, but is it really possible and practical to try to execute this recipes at home?

Man gets eaten by his own pigs!  (ABC News)



Recipe for Roast Chicken, Pumpkin with Black Lentils & Hazelnut Picada              (

A great fall recipe that pairs pumpkin with hazelnut, orange & sherry.

Restaurant Gardens go Hydroponic (RMGT)

For a while now, restaurants have had herb gardens and traditional ones, but with hydroponic towers now available to everyone, restaurants who could never before have a garden are taking advantage of the opportunity.

Image courtesy of ambro/


What about Pears?? (NYTimes)

Apple season is here and there are so many possibilities, but what about pears?? Here are 10 recipes for salads with pears.




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