Ready For My Tutu

The first thing I decided to try on my list was Ballet. I’ve always wanted to try it. I did not have the opportunity to do it as a little girl. I knew there were adult classes available but until now I’d not had the courage to try it. As you see from my list of potential Joy invoking activities one of my desires is to fit into a single digit dress size (size 9 would do). So obviously I do not resemble your typical ballerina. I’d imagined myself walking into an adult class and having the instructor take one look at me, refund my registration fee and confiscating my ballet slippers. Since the definition of Joy does not include word Fear I decided afraid or not, I’d try it.

The first hurdle I had to get over was purchasing my ballet slippers. As I drove to the Prima Soft store my stomach was in knots as I imagined the sales person refusing to sell me the shoes and telling me I clearly could never be a ballerina. I knew it was in irrational thought but I still had to get passed it. I got my slippers. The sales woman was very nice. She fit me for my slippers and even sold me some tights and tried to sell me a leotard assuring me everything would fit. The tights did not fit. But I realized I already had some that were almost the same as the ones real ballerinas wear.

The first class was a couple nights later. Again, I ignored my irrational fears and went to class. It was a very positive experience. It was both challenging and rewarding. Ballet is all about controlling every part of your body as you move and being aware of your posture and body position all the time. There were only three of us in the class so we got a good amount of individual attention. We learned the 1st through 5th positions for the feet and arms, Plie, Tendu, Rond de Jambe, Degage, Fouette, Grand Battement, releve, and a few other moves whose names escape me. These positions and movements exercised totally different muscles than my normal treadmill or strength training workout. As a matter of fact I was just a little bit sore the next day. Ballet turned out to be a good workout. But more importantly I felt graceful, feminine, strong, and most importantly fulfilled for having stepped out of my comfort zone, faced my fears, and tried something I’ve always wanted to do. Joy… I’m closing the gap soon I’ll have chased you down.


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