Ready for what life may bring?


I am not naïve nor am I an optimist. I like to think of myself as a realist. But are our perceptions of ourselves really accurate?


My husband, Marc, and I sat in our village’s hall a few years back listening to our mayor give a speech. We attended the meeting because we thought he was going to discuss a controversial topic, but instead he was instructing the village on what to do in case of a hurricane. “We are due for a big one”, he warned.


I half listened as he went over the list of all the items we should have in our houses. I rolled my eyes as he urged us to have an evacuation plan set in advance – including knowing where we were going to stay and making sure we had all important documents with us.

This is ridiculous I thought. This will never happen I believed. I started to tune him out as I focused on my cellphone instead…..


How dumb was I? I live in a small beach community on a barrier island!

A year later a major hurricane was predicted. Irene. She was coming and heading straight for where we lived. The village was calling every resident and warning them that a mandatory evacuation may be issued. The news was cautioning everyone in a multiple state area to tie up everything outside, tape up windows and be prepared for days without electricity.

All of a sudden, the mayor’s words were becoming a reality. We were evacuated. Fortunately we attended the meeting that day so we knew that if we didn’t leave when we were told to, we wouldn’t be able to leave later. During a mandatory evacuation, at a certain time all the bridges connecting to the barrier islands are raised. You can’t get onto the islands, nor can you get off – for anything! That is scary. You are trapped!

We weren’t going to take any chances, so Marc and I packed up our “emergency bag” and headed to my cousin’s house along with our cat, Alex, and my mother who was “vacationing” from Florida.


I learned a valuable lesson that day. Emergencies happen. And you really need to be prepared, properly. We were very lucky. The storm wasn’t as bad as they predicted. We were home one day later, and never lost power. But things could have been different…


Zippo’s has a great emergency kit – it is a fire starter that has a flint wheel and a water resistant seal. It comes in a light weight case and even floats in water. It is easy to use and great for emergencies!


They gave me one to give away - to enter

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