Hello ! I started my day by surfing images of handsome Hollywodd celebrities holding cute pets . It was definitely a terrific thing to do early in the morning . And then I did some studying , and later on I just came across an article about Angelina Jolie' political moments , and about all her efforts to provide education , to banish child abuse and child slavery and so on . I literally got goosebumps . She is undoubtedly one hell of a powerful woman , and I was just so happy and proud to be  sharing this world with a woman like her . And then I studied about people who have joined the UN force lately - Emma Watson , Pharrell Williams who have given their stand on supporting education , gender euality , women rights . And there is Malala Yousafzai , Oh my God . She is 5 years younger to me , but does that really matter ?? Hell NO . I am constantly inspired and amazed by her moments every single day . All these people are using their power , their stardom to make a change in this world .

These kinda people are the ones whom I call GOD . Because they are the ones who show the world what they can do , and they are the ones who prove all the bad Men out there , that they will always strive to make this world a better place . 

We all hear from our parents , our close relations , and our close friends to study well , earn big , marry a good person , get setlled well . I mean , these are the only common things that we all have heard growing up , and these are the only things that we ourselves try to convey to our children . But is that it ?? Does life end just by travelling a road that does no good to anybody else but yourself ???? Does that actually bring fulfillment ?? I don't think so . I don't think we humans can call our lives a complete one until and unless at some point we make a move to make a difference . 

There are like three sets of people in this world - the ones who make this planet a hell , the ones who do nothing about whatsoever , and then the ones who work , work and work to make all the positive changes . And I think we should all at least try to fall in the last category . I mean, at least try . At least have a thought , a little intention , and hopefully that little intention will drive us to make the big move . We just can't reach our life' end without standing up for some good cause at least once in our life . Our children should be told not just to be happy , earn well and settle well , but also to grow powerful in standing up for a cause and to make use of that power to fight against al the bad things in this world . 

There is this ambition burning inside me every single day - to provide my share of education to children in need .  I do wanna get settled big , I do wanna earn hefty money , that is such a powerful position to stand in and call myself an individual woman , and I also wanna use that power to make a change . Hope this thought grows deep inside all of us , and ,may we all try to plant this little thought inside our children's lives . 



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