What Does It Really Cost to Buy Your First Home?

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[Editor's Note: This post covers all the hidden expenses of buying a home -- a must-read for anyone in the market for the first time. -Rita]

The Real Cost of Buying a Home

Emergency Fund

Up until now, you’ve probably had a landlord. If your heater stops working, you call the landlord, and they send someone to fix it on their dime. Roof leak? Call the landlord. Broken refrigerator? Call the landlord. Now that you’re a homeowner, the landlord is you. Don’t plan on spending every last cent of your savings account to move into your home. As a homeowner, access to an adequate emergency fund is more important than ever. Negotiating a home warranty into your purchase can relieve some of this responsibility for a year or so, but it won’t cover everything. Make sure you have some cash on hand to avoid getting in over your head.

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