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I don't usually write about "New York" experiences because well, as I've said, I don't really believe there's all that much that is utterly, uniquely New York. It's great and all but every big city has it's perks and life is life anywhere you go.

However, I believe that yesterday's experience is one of the few times in my life that I've sincerely said to myself, "Only in New York."

You see, Josh and I spent some time this weekend looking for 2 bedroom apartments for when the baby comes, and after finding a place that seemed unbelievably great on streeteasy, we decided to call the agent and see it even though it's months before we can move.

Off we went to Greenpoint to see this, "fabulous, recently renovated, sunny 2 bedroom."

Of course all my dreams were dashed upon entering the dingy front door of the building and I was quickly reminded that no apartment is ever as good as it looks online. As we feigned interest and looked around the terribly small unit, I began chatting with the agent.

He asked me what our budget was and after I told him he excitedly said, "Really!? I have a great two bedroom in that range on Robeling. It has all new appliances and a ton of space, it's just a but quirky."

"Oh," I said, "How so?"

"Well, the bathroom is split into two parts. The toilet and sink are back near the bedroom and the shower is in the kitchen. But really it's a great place."

Did you catch that? A realtor looked me in the eye and in all seriousness told me that for $1,900 I could have a great apartment complete with a shower in the kitchen.

I politely thanked him for his time, Josh told him we would be in touch and we left.

So I will here break my rule and conclude: only in New York.


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