Real Estate Emotions: Highs, Lows, and Gigantic Korean Needles

May 27, 2013 we moved out of the first home we ever owned together. It was a beautiful home. I absolutely loved it. We got engaged in that house, found out we were going to be parents in that house, spent a month or so on bed rest, brought home so much baby crap and drug around pack n plays in that house (read about a night of pack n plays HERE on SO YOU GOT KNOCKED UP?! still cracks me up), and finally brought Camy our home.

Bobby Sikes captured the engagement high, hat, and scarf. 


Headed out of our first home to meet Miss Camryn Stiles.

 We moved out so that we could be closer to family and friends. Out with city living and to the 'burbs we (begrudgingly) go! We moved in with my in-laws until we could find a house. Probably only 3 months or so....or 8 months and still no house in site!

Farewell to our first home. Metro Pack & Move is phenomenal company. I think we are keeping them in business this year.

My girlfriend just happened to be moving out of her house and said we could rent it from them until we found a place. PERFECT! We needed to give Graciela and Mike (the most amazing in-laws EVER) some space; they weren't asking for it and we were fine, but you never want to out stay your welcome and there is really only so much quiet polite sex that one person can have before it is time for a little privacy. Nothing like seeing framed childhood pics of your husband and then having adult time. It's just not for me.



....again 8 months later....

We moved in to the rental. We continued the house search.

13 months after this all began we made an offer for the first time.

I couldn't shake the fact that where we were looking never felt right. I am BIG on feelings and signs. I had never had a true migraine before and the day we saw the house that we went under contract on, I got the most intense migraine and barfed all over the driveway of the house before we went inside to view it. Barf is most definitely a sign. I thought it meant, "You Barf, You Buy" but apparently I was wrong.

The deal was a disaster from the start and we were still so far from both of our parents and my sister.

We broke the contract. To be polite about it the seller was a complete psycho. It all happens for a reason though. I was very honest with Chris. It just wasn't feeling right. I was willing to go to an area that he thought would be better for his commute (he was wrong, his commute would be terrible), I was willing to be further away from our parents (wasn't getting closer the whole reason for leaving our beautiful home in the first place?), but I can't make my little, inner, know it all voice pipe down and that chick didn't want us to go where we were going.

I love the area of our little rental house. Chris has a great commute, we are 20 minutes from family and a good majority of our friends. Even though the neighborhood wants us out and the HOA is moments from being in our front lawn with pitch forks and flaming crosses...apparently you aren't supposed to rent in this neighborhood and these old gray hairs take their covenants FO' SERIOUS! HOA's will give the Mafia a run for their money. Don't EFF with the HOA...or the Mafia.

My campaign worked. Chris was on board. 

We hopped online and found a neighborhood within the hour. We went through the model home within that same hour. We were in love. It was everything we dreamed of and everything that we thought we would have to give up in order to get in the area that we I didn't feel was right anyway. This was right. This IS right. 

Today, July 16, 2014, one YEAR, one MONTH and 19 DAYS after leaving our beautiful home in Atlanta we signed the contract to build the home we have been imagining.

Today, July 16, 2014, five MONTHS and 15 DAYS after moving into our heavenly little rental we were told that the HOA wins. We have about 2 weeks to pack up and move out...just a couple 6-9 months short of when we will actually have a home to move into. 

Now I ask ya', who can sign a contract on a new house and get evicted all in the same DAY?

Us. The answer is Us.  

One margarita to celebrate, One margarita to drown our sorrows of moving AGAIN and to where? Who knows? And, one water to drown away the headache of it all.

"HATE TO SEE YOU GO" Obviously not a message from the HOA. 

I keep telling myself that the waves in the water make it fun. All of this happens for a reason. Maybe God wants me to be a professional packer, mover and organizer. I get it! Can we please just stay here for 6 more months until our house is done!? 

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