The Real Grandfather of The Brady Bunch: Sherwood Schwartz Dies at 94

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Before pop culture dared to ask the question "Are you a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda?" girls were pondering if they were a "Jan or Marcia" and especially "Ginger or Mary Ann." We've got Sherwood Schwartz, who died today at 94, to thank for that phenomenon. And so, so much more.

It seems almost blasphemous for me to write about Sherwood Schwartz, because I wasn't alive when he created the shows that would shape the childhoods of a generation.

At the same time, as a writer in the same industry as Schwartz, his is a career I've long revered, a history I'm well aware of, the kind of career modern hollywooders may only be able to dream of.

Sherwood championed Gilligan's Island to a board of stuffy execs at CBS just as their patience with him was running out. It was thrown together in a flurry, with no one but Sherwood suspecting they had a hit on their hands. He was right -- but three seasons later, when the show ended abruptly (season four had initially been picked up but was later cancelled without explanation), the castaways were still stuck on the island. Three movies which brought back the returning cast helped Schwartz gain closure on his little-series-that-could.

It's The Story...of a Lovely Lady...

Sherwood Shwartz with the Brady Bunch Cast

Courtesy of Zuma Press

Actually...I'm going to let Sherwood wrap this one up in his own way.

Let's honor Sherwood...what is your favorite memory of The Brady Bunch? Or did you have more of a Gilligan's Island kind of childhood?


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