A Real Helping Hand in the Kitchen: The Staybowlizer

Hurt myself. Again. Hard to type. Even harder to work in the kitchen. Really makes me appreciate how fortunate I am.

 But before I start singing the praises of a kitchen gadget that really helped me while I was injured,  let’s talk about ME... Injured… but the Staybowlizer saved me

Between all the writing I do and the constant kitchen activity, I got me some vicious carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand (I even have the ugly wrist brace to prove it).

In addition to curating my fabulous website (http://www.mamashighstrung.com), I’m a culinary consultant for major food companies... so I really can’t afford to miss a day’s work.

Thank goodness I met the Staybowlizer folks at the International Housewares Show in March (where they won an Innovation Award).

With my left hand out of commision, the sturdy Staybowlizer really is like a third hand in the kitchen (or in my case, a second hand). This is great for someone who is injured or has a disability. The Staybowlizer holds your bowl in place so you can whisk your vinaigrette and stir your batter without your bowl dancing off the countertop.

This is a great alternative to the “damp towel ring” many of us have used to steady a bowl on the counter. The suction-like bottom keeps the Staybowlizer where you want it, and the tapered opening lets you tilt and angle the bowl for easier whipping.Injured… but the Staybowlizer saved me! You can also invert the 8¾-inch Staybowlizer ring on top of a pan of boiling water to create a double boiler. It’s made of BPA-free FDA standard food-safe silicone and is microwave and oven safe to 500°F.

Best part? It’s dishwasher safe. And, it comes in a lot of cool colors, so it even looks nice on your table as a trivet.


You can find it on Amazon.com or TheGrommet.com.

Here’s a great video that will show you what it’s all about:


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