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On the heels of the season finale of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, part one of the two-part reunion aired last night.

Notably missing from the couch was Adrienne Maloof.  As was released to the press a few weeks ago, she will not be returning for the next season of the show and as such decided to not participate in the reunion.  Andy Cohen stated that Adrienne’s “final act as a Housewife was not showing up tonight.”  The ladies didn’t seem to be surprised by this announcement – I’m sure that they had all heard it through the grapevine before this was filmed.  After Brandi revealed a secret about her family during the course of this season, Adrienne refused to talk about it (and seemed to have some sort of gag hold on Bravo as well because they didn’t talk about it either).  The general consensus of the group was that while it was a difficult season for Adrienne, she made a lot of mistakes and handled things poorly.  Refusing to discuss skeletons in your closet when you are on a reality show, and then threatening litigation to those that do really defeats the purpose of being on a reality show in the first place.   Brandi felt that when you signed up for a reality show, you have to deal with your secrets when they are revealed.  She didn’t say “the secret” about Adrienne to reveal her skeletons – she said it to show how she consistently lied.  It seemed that all of the women would have liked to see Adrienne attend the reunion and clean up “the mess” as Lisa puts it. Clearly she wasn’t interested in discussing her life that way, and chooses to use the tabloids as her mouthpiece instead.

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Brandi was the first person that they highlighted this season.  You could tell that she and Adrienne were not going to be friendly when Brandi (in the middle of having a very pleasant conversation with Kim) told Adrienne to “Shut the f*ck up” when she tried to interrupt.  It was all downhill from there.  After the tasting at Villa Blanca and the “secret” reveal, it was all out war between those two.  The scene between Adrienne, Paul and Brandi at Mauricio’s event was one of the worst displays of temper from a man we’ve seen during the show.   Brandi felt like as soon as she yelled back at them about trying to bully her, that’s when all of the tabloid stories started appearing, including nasty ones questioning her parenting.  Brandi was furious that they were talking about her in this way, so she fought back.  Best line of the night – “I’m a happy, sweet, fun-loving person until you cross me, and then I’ll f*cking cut a bitch.  It’s that simple.”  I think we can all appreciate feeling cornered and defensive if we are personally attacked, or our parenting is attacked.  After Adrienne and Paul split, and when all of the horrible tabloid stories were out about him and his parenting, he called and apologized to Brandi because he now understood what it felt like to have the shoe on the other foot.  Or “hoof”, as Lisa would say.

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They showed clips from the weekend in Ojai, and it was definitely the highlight of the season.  It was wonderful to see the ladies in an arena that had no fighting, yelling or bickering and just being SILLY!

Yolanda was up next and were reminded of how amazing her house is, what a spectacular hostess she is, and how important the relationship with her husband, David Foster, is for her.  Yolanda was absolutely the voice of reason for the majority of the season.  And I can see why the girls thought she was stuck-up because she is very no-nonsense and doesn’t put up with ANY kid of bullsh*t.  Some of it, I think, has to do with her European (Dutch) sensibility as well.  Yolanda felt like she was thrown in to the deep end of the pool with the ladies and no one really made an effort to get to know her.  Kyle took offense to this immediately, and jumped right in to correct her.  Yolanda acknowledged that she was reserved because she wasn’t going to lay her heart on the table for them to stomp on.  She was cautious about getting to know the ladies and felt like they didn’t want to get to know her.  Kyle told her that it was hard to get to know her because she was cold, reserved, and distant.  Kyle kept trying to force the opinion that she made an effort and Yolanda didn’t make any.   Yolanda expected people to try to get to know her without always having the cameras around.  Yolanda was also cornered about the Gigi/lesbian/volleyball comment that she made.  Andy Cohen, of course, had an issue with it.  Yolanda brushed it off as it came out wrong, and they moved on.  Viewers also had an issue when Yolanda told the spanish workers that they needed to learn to speak English.  She was a foreigner that moved to the US and  learned english, so they should as well.  Yolanda also revealed that she and David have a pre-nup agreement.  She was also cornered about her comments about her friends needing to “honor her husband” in her home.   She has a very “traditional” yet not modern way of viewing her husband and her marriage, and she expects people who enter their home to respect that.   Yolanda admitted to never watching the show before she was cast on it, a decision she now regrets.  She would have liked to have gotten the head start on getting to know the ladies, and what she was in for.  She and Kim clarified the Master Cleanse / Kim never showed up issue.  Apparently the plans that were made were through the Production Office at Bravo but they weren’t made personally between Kim and Yolanda directly.  It was important to Kim to have that clarified because she took offense to the appearance that she was not where she was supposed to be and was blowing off appointments because she has been working very hard for that NOT to be the case.  Also revealed is that Yolanda was recently diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease – and that it took almost 2 years for her to be diagnosed.  Yolanda could feel that her brain function was changing.  She remembers having a conversation with Taylor at Kyle’s grand opening and her brain just froze up and she couldn’t string a sentence together so she resorted to calling Taylor a name – which isn’t like her.  The situation with Taylor was painful to her because Taylor entered their lives with her opinions of them already formed from conversations with Linda (David’s ex-wife).  Taylor, without excuse, immediately apologized  for acting the way that she did and acknowledged that coming in to Yolanda’s life that looked so perfect and beautiful was hard for her given the place that she was at.  I applaud Taylor for being adult enough to admit when she did something hurtful and apologize for it without justifications.

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Speaking of Taylor, she was next in the hot seat.  Her clip package showed a lot of aggressive, intoxicated behavior this season and you could tell that she was struggling with the aftermath of Russell’s death and the many legal issues that came after.   One the package was done, Andy asked her if she felt she had a drinking problem.  Taylor acknowledged that she was drinking too much on the season, but feels that she doesn’t have a drinking problem . . . now.  While she used wine to make herself feel better when she was struggling, she feels that it is very different to drink when she is celebrating something or is in a happy place.  Lisa disagrees, and they’ve apparently talked about her drinking a few times.  Kim was very emotional because she feels that Taylor really has a problem and she’s not interested in hearing it from Kim.  Maybe Kim talking to her about it makes her more uncomfortable because Kim is very knowledgeable in this area?   The ultimate example was the night of “Kim’s new nose party” when she jetted off with a guy for the evening and was surprised to find out that Kyle had Kennedy.  Something that Taylor writes off as a mix-up between the nanny and her mother.  Brandi asked Kyle if she felt that it was appropriate for her and Kim to be discussing this issue at the party with Marisa – who was basically a stranger to Taylor.  Brandi feels to talk behind your friends back at a party with a stranger is not cool (you can imagine the actual wording she used!).  All Kyle and Kim had to say for themselves is that there were scenes of them defending Taylor to Marisa that were edited out.  But Brandi’s point is still valid – why were they have the conversation in the first place?  After sharing that her legal issues has been resolved, Taylor disclosed that she’s dating her lawyer, who’s married but in a protracted divorce.  Andy asked Brandi her opinion (Why?  Because her husband was dating while they were still married?) and Brandi wasn’t thrilled with it.  While she can understand that divorces can sometimes take years to settle, she pointed out that her boyfriend was happily married before he and Taylor started dating.  Taylor said they were living separate lives and it was just a matter of paperwork, but didn’t really fight the point at all.  Apparently, they aren’t just dating but are madly in love.  He’s based in Colorado, and they spend the ski season there.

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Of course, we had to get around to talking about the “break up” between Lisa and Kyle.  Lisa felt that suddenly Kyle became close to Adrienne, so she was defending her every time the situation warranted it.  Lisa implied that Kyle’s cozying up to Adrienne was a business decision on their part so that Mauricio could get the listing on Adrienne’s house.  Kyle immediately got pissed at Lisa for questioning her character – and said that never stopped her from saying how she felt about Lisa or Camille.  Lisa reminded her that Vanderpump Manor was sold BEFORE last years reunion (there was no mention of whether Camille’s house is still on the market.)  Kyle saying that she was never really close with Adrienne is kind of surprising – given all of the times that they were together this season (the two couples) and how many times there were discussion of “having your back”, etc.  Kyle said that she defended Adrienne because she wasn’t there to defend herself, and it felt weird to listen to everyone speak negatively and not saying anything.  Andy asked Lisa if her relationship with Kyle and Mauricio changed after he sold her house and Lisa responded “Oh yes!”.  Kim wanted Lisa to clarify that she wasn’t saying that Kyle was only her friend to sell the house – but things changed after.   Kyle feels replaced by Brandi – plain and simple.  Brandi tells her that she doesn’t talk behind Lisa’s back so she has a great relationship with her.  Kyle tried to imply that if Brandi and Lisa ever had a disagreement, it might be different.  But they disagree all the time – they just sit down like adults and talk through it without backstabbing each other.   Kyle doesn’t want to have any backlash for the choices that she’s made, and she STILL doesn’t understand that Lisa can’t “un-know” something.  It’ll never be the same.  Kyle wants to move past it.  Lisa still cares about Kyle, and maybe the relationship can be rebuilt very slowly.  But she needs to gain confidence in Kyle again.  Kyle doesn’t feel she can do anything right in this situation.  Brandi feels that the drama stems from Kyle being jealous.  But at the end of the day, Brandi doesn’t talk sh*t about her friends behind their back.   Kyle says that she doesn’t attack people, but Yolanda stepped in and reminder her about a conversation in Las Vegas that she did just that.  Kyle fired back at Yolanda regarding comments she made in Paris about Lisa.

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Yolanda had no idea what she was talking about, so Kyle charged ahead.  According to Kyle, Yolanda said that Lisa was a phony, a fake, and was pretending to really care about Kim in front of everyone when she doesn’t really care, and that she’s full of sh*t.  Here comes the yelling!!!  Yolanda, of course, denied everything.  Kim jumped in to reiterate that Lisa was talking behind Kim’s back at dinner and that she told Kim that Lisa wasn’t her friend and she was full of sh*t.  Now, if you remember the Paris trip, Yolanda was very annoyed with Lisa because she kept chattering about Kim and the seemingly incoherent state that she was in.  I can see this conversation happening – although only the cameramen know for sure!  Kim and Kyle are LIVID that she isn’t owning up to what she did and accuse Yolanda of lying.  Lisa is watching this whole thing very intently, and when Andy asked her is she believed that Yolanda said she was full of sh*t, She said she didn’t.  Kim almost came off her seat!

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NEXT WEEK ON PART TWO OF THE REUNION:  More talk about Kim’s behavior in Paris, Mauricio joins the ladies, and a tearful Kyle let’s Brandi have it.

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