The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Episode Fifteen Recap

Since last week's episode was a repeat, I was excited to see more of the road trip through Northern California and the cast of RHONJ didn't disappoint! 

Drunk surfing in the freezing cold water might not have been the best idea.  Why was everyone pounding cocktails so early in the morning?? The boys seemed to have a fun time, despite none of them really managing to properly surf.  And most of the girls took a pass, opting instead to hang out on the beach and "keep it sexy" as Melissa put it.  Kathy and Teresa made it in to the water and didn't do too bad for their first time.  Teresa jumped off her board at one point, thinking she was in deeper water, and hurt her foot.  Kathy managed to stay up the longest between the two of them.  It was great to see everyone laughing, playing together, having a good time with each other with zero drama! 

Later that night, the Gorga's and the Giudice's were hanging out in their RV when "Tarzan" made an appearance again!  Good grief, Joe Gorga, not everyone wants to see your c***!  Teresa sat on the couch with a roll of ground beef on her ankle while Melissa smacks her booty.  "I'm a fondler" Melissa says - apparently she used to fondle Teresa all the time.  Okay!! The cocktails were definitely flowing while they all sat around the fire playing truth or dare.  First up, Joe Gorga in his underwear asking a neighboring RV if they have any fruit.  That man has no shame.  OMG it was hilarious!! Teresa is just miserable - her ankle is swelling and bruising, so they wrapped it with ice and Joe carried her back in to the RV. 

In the morning, they are leaving Half Moon Bay and about two hours south to another campgrounds.  Teresa's ankle is still swollen and she can't get her boots on.  Lauren decides to ride with Vito and the Wakile's today on their way to the next stop.  During the two hour drive, it comes out that Chris and Jacqueline have had sex in the RV while everyone else was sleeping.  Nice!!  Over at the Gorga's, there's talk of how Teresa used to make fun of Melissa having fake boobs and now has them herself.  Chris and Lindsey talked (with her on speaker) and everyone overhears that she has moved in with Chris, Al and Greg.  Caroline and Al are a little surprised and concerned because Al tends to jump in with his heart and then he is crushed when things don't work out.  Al tells Lauren over the walkie-talkies and she is less than thrilled.   She feels very disrespected by her brother that he told others in person and told her that way.  When they finally arrive at Casini Ranch Campgrounds they are all a little surprised because there's no one there and there's nothing to entertain them.  I guess they are on their own for entertainment (which, with this group, shouldn't be too difficult).  The women struggle to cook dinner with the limited groceries that they have, but managed to produce a feast.  Everyone gathers outside for dinner and Lauren is in a bad mood.  Christopher told her to go to the Wakile's RV because that's where she's happy.  Albert calls her out on being over-sensitive, the boys are laughing and Lauren loses it.  She stomps off and locks herself in the RV.  Caroline says in her interview that she feels like she lost Lauren somewhere in the middle of the boys moving out and working on  BLK together.  She feels left out, pushed out and not good enough in so many ways.  Lauren feels like she is the one that tries to work on the relationship with her brothers and they get to say whatever they want to her and her mother defends them.  She's in tears and she lets Vito in to console her. 

The next day's activities have the group heading out on a canoe trip.  While the rest of the group engaged in a water fight, Caroline and Al paddled ahead to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing trip (they were 2 person canoes).  Just as they are about to reach the docking spot, Melissa starts screaming bloody murder!  Apparently, she fell out of her canoe (it looked like it tipped because Joe was in the water too) and she freaked because of all of the river ticks, bugs, etc. that were in the water.  Everyone just cracked up at her continued screaming.  She finally grabbed on to Joe Giudice and got to shore.  Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice have a bonding moment while they went to "use the facilities" and end up hugging.  Kinda strange.  Melissa comments to Kathy that she sees how happy her husband is, spending time with his sister and that makes her happy. 

Some how on the last night in the RV's the topic turns back to Teresa and Jacqueline.  Teresa is still offended that Jacqueline even asked her about the tabloids and jail story.  And she feels like she wants to talk to Jacqueline, so they end up in the RV while they are "getting dessert".  Teresa tells her that she is having fun with her on the trip, but she is still hurt by what Jacqueline did and she wants to know where they go from here.  Jacqueline tells her that she is hurt too - and Teresa chimes in with "but I didn't do anything to you".  Teresa feels that she was ambushed.  Jacqueline, again, tries to explain where she was coming from and the confusion that she is still feeling when it comes to Teresa not addressing all of the stories in the press.  These are two women who have very different definitions of the word friendship.  Jacqueline wants a friendship that's real - and she feels that Teresa has been fake this whole time.  Teresa says she doesn't know how to be fake.  Jacqueline says she won't worry about her any more, she won't ask her any questions, they can just keep drinking and being surface friends.  Teresa says then after the trip they should just go their separate ways.  Which reduces Jacqueline to tears.  Teresa tries to comfort her and it doesn't work.  Ultimately, Teresa doesn't get it.  And Jacqueline needs to accept that.  But somehow, for some reason, they manage to patch it up and hug it out.  I think I smell a disaster coming.

NEXT WEEK:  A winery visit and Joe Giudice uses some foul language when describing his wife. 

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