The "Real" Housewives of NJ

We love The Real Housewives of New Jersey! Hell, we love all "real" housewives for that matter. Today, the definition of housewife has taken on a whole new meaning, as evidenced at our event this past Friday night with the stars of The Real Housewives of NJ. Before we share the fabulous details of our evening, or dish on Dina Manzo and her sister, know this: According to Wikipedia (our trusted definition resource), "Housewife is a term used to describe a married female who is not employed outside of the home. Or, a female homemaker who provides goods and services directly within a household, such as cooking meals, childcare, household repairs, or the manufacture of clothes and gifts. Common tasks include cleaning, cooking, and looking after children." I mean could you just die from this archaic definition? Really, couldn't you just roll on the floor laughing or fall off your office chair in tears from the image of yourself on a ladder fixing the roof with a frying pan in one hand and your kids wrapped around your ankles, wearing the clothes that you've "manufactured"?

After having the pleasure of being invited into Dina Manzo's NJ home for an exclusive Butterfly interview, we are pleased to provide you with a new definition of this "real" housewife: a devoted mother, wife, sister and friend who works tirelessly to make sure that her volunteer efforts for Project Ladybug are met, her daughter's dress to the dance is appropriate, that her standing Thursday date night with her husband actually happens, that her event planning business is thriving and so that there's time left over for Dina Manzo. Dina is in fact our new definition of "Real Housewife" and to meet her is to know just that.

Following our video interview (we could have stayed all day) we headed over to Town & Country Apothecary for a spa event to benefit Project Ladybug, Dina Manzo's foundation that creates events and positive memories for children with cancer. A huge thank you to Dina and to Diana Ross, Dina Manzo's Publicist, who runs the Apothecary store with a sense of pride and passion and who is Butterfly's newest Beauty editor. The evening proved to be a success for the women who enjoyed a night of pampering, helped to raise money for Project Ladybug, and who had the opportunity to meet The Real Housewives of NJ:Dina Manzo, her infamous sister Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice, all members of the Butterfly community. Also in attendance was Dina and Caroline's sister Cookie, representing 3 out of ELEVEN siblings!

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Now get back to your sewing machines. Stat. Just kidding.

Mother, Wife and Worker
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