Real life or Reality TV...Time to get everything out before I go crazy...

   Wow where to begin. Well I first would like to say Hi to everyone and I am new at this and sometimes I have so many things so say I would like to explode. I guess from the beginning would be the best. I am a person who my family means the WORLD to me. Let me start by giving you a little inside to my life. First a my mom is my best friend and over the years we have grown closer than ever. My biological father, not really in the picture and it referred to as Mr. Wonderful. He and my mom seperated when I was very little. I don't remember a lot of the seperation but I do remember when my mom remarried.  I didn't know who this man was but I knew that he was not going to take the place of my father. I was really young at the time and my father was everything to me. He was my hero and my safety. The day my mom remarried was a hard day for me to grasp. I was 4 and my most vivid memory of the day was being taken from my mom by my grandmother so her and my step-dad could start their honeymoon. The plan was that my grandmother was suppose to meet my dad so that my brother (Corey) and myself could stay with him. Yeah, that didn't happen which made the day even worse. Granted he did show the next day but late with a stupid excuse I'm sure. This was a glimpse of the person my dad really was and should have been my first sign.

     So now we will skip ahead a little, the birth of my living doll, otherwise know as my half-sister Ami.  Boy was I excited to have a real life doll for me to play with. Yeah I know I was little and that is what I thought she was. I would hold her all the time and I loved her SO much. My brother, sister, mom and step-dad all lived together in Connecticut which is where my father also lived. Soon he moved to Clearwater, Fl and we soon moved to Virginia. Im sorry if i jump much but there is so much to say and I want to fill you in on things before I start with all my problems....

     I still went to see Mr. Wonderful during the summer months which always was a good time. We would go on trips, go to amusement parks, water parks and shopping, what more would a young girl want. Now, on why his name is Mr. Wonderful. During the times when i would see my dad and he would be spending all this money, my mom was struggling and never getting her child support as ordered. She felt that when I was with him all I would talk about was how much fun my dad was and how wonderful he was. She wanted to be able to do all those things for me too but couldn't afford to but Mr. Wonderful could.

     My father soon remarried and wow what a person she was, I was 8 at the time. My step-mom was the model of all wicked step-moms but now I am starting to see why. She used to ask me to call her mom, way inappropriate. I hated being around her a we fought all the time. I now think it was because she was unhappy. When my brother and myself would visit we would go out on the boat many times during those visits and would bring along "coworkers". Of course the always seemed to be attractive women. DOG... I never knew what he was doing then but now I know VERY well now what he was doing. He would drop us off at home and take her (them) home and happen to run into people who wanted to "race" him on his boat. Yeah nice lie. Needless to say they split up. Then he married again and is still currently with her and has been for a while, not faithful im sure.

     As the years passed I felt like I was pushed further and further away from my father and he began another family. I feel like now he the good dad to them trying to make up for mistakes me made with myself and my brother, like emotionally abandoning us.

   Years passed and I began the your-not-my-father phase with my step-dad. We fought which caused my mom and him to argue. My sister Ami was getting older and we fought like cats and dogs. She was a terror and my step-dad never believed it. I admit she was cute and didn't look like terror, never trust the little cute kids ha ha ha. Of course my step-dad and I moved on from that and my sister and I are closer then ever.

    When we moved to VA my grandparents also moved a lived right next door to us. I loved it, I got to see them all the time. My grandmother died when I was in middle school and my grandfather was lost without her. So was a part of my mom....Okay so I know its boring now but I promise when I'm back it will get better...Its not a horrible life just a lot going on..

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