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                If you can answer all those with the correct answers, get out of my head! No, honest!

                You may be thinking that this is a really weird way to start a blog. Why start it with a few simple questions? And why ask questions that make it sound like a dating profile or something filled out for something funny? Why is it important that I know your lucky number or what your favorite book is?

                I have a small group of friends. They have been my friends for at least, goodness, probably five or more years now. Two of them live the next town over from me. Another one just moved an hour away. One of them keeps up with us on Facebook, Pintrest and various other social media sites. I have this other group of three girls who I met on another site and I still consider them close friends even if we haven’t talked much recently. These are people that I keep up with their lives as much as possible. And I almost want to bet that that group of people can’t answer all those questions right. My two best friends most likely can’t answer those questions right. And if they can, I’m rather surprised.

                There’s a reason for that. I’m not who I appear to be. No, I’m not some superhero mutant who dresses up in spandex and a cape to fight crime at night. I’m not someone who hiding because of witness protection. I’m a normal girl. Well, normal is relative. But, I’m just a small town girl, living in a lonely world… Or a girl who listens to too much Journey. I’m just like everyone else you pass on the streets.

                Monday nights, my family cleans out TV episodes we have saved on the DVR. Dinner is made, we sit down in our living room, and spend the rest of the night catching up on all our favorites. One of those that we watch rather religiously is Suburgatory. It’s a cute show about a girl from NYC who ends up in a suburb that seems like it’s some alien planet. I can’t even do the show justice by trying to explain it. It’s funny, and it’s worth a watch because it manages to teach some fun lessons without being preachy. And it balances heavy issues with lighthearted touches. Like the one about loving yourself and figuring out who you are.

                That was the point of one of the storylines in an episode we just watched. One of the characters was getting a date set up for her and had to tell what she looked for in a man. The character was told that maybe the reason she wasn’t sure what she wanted in a man was because she didn’t know who she really was. And that one sentence made me chuckle. This television character was in the same situation as me. I didn’t know who I was. I don’t blame my lack of dating on it though, because I’ve just reached a point to where I’m not settling for less than Tim Tebow or David Freese at this point.

                Knowing yourself is something that people have been talking about for years. Seminars are held around the country. Counselors talk about it to high school students. TV shows love doing episodes of it, usually ending with an unlikely character pointing out who the soul searching person really is as violins play in the background.

                In real life, we don’t get the violins. But, we get the unlikely character… sometimes.


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