Is that Real? The pleated faux leather midi

The Real Deal

So here’s the thing.  I wanted to focus this week on my absolute top fashion foresight™ buy for this fall; a pleated faux leather, mid-length skirt I bought from Zara at the end of their summer sale.


It has turned out to be one of the most stylish and versatile buys, and it has been my go-to fall piece for Italian social events!


It would be too easy to do a Real Deal focus comparing a REAL LEATHER pleated midi skirt with a fake leather one.  It’s easy to say the real leather one is $400 and the fake leather one is $40,  but what if even a fake leather skirt was close to $400!!?


These two designer skirts are totally hot items right now, because pleated leather mid-lengths are totally trending as a Fall transition piece.  But the $400+ price tag doesn’t even get you real leather, so my advice……get the faux leather one instead!  You can take pride knowing that someone out there paid 10 times as much for the same thing. Plus , even if you only wear this skirt for this season it’s no big deal,   it’s not like you spent $400 or something on it!


The Real Deal N°1


ATOM LOMBARDINI – Longuette eco-leather plisse skirt – $430!


Don’t be fooled by the marketing jargon “eco-leather”  which has also been used to refer to real leather that is 99% tanned without the use of harmful chemicals. This skirt is 50% viscose and 50% polyurethane.



The Real Deal N°2

MSGM – Faux Leather Plisse Skirt – $342!


So there you have it,  somewhere out there are designers that would like you to pay between $340 and $430 for pleather skirts.  I guess that’s ok, if you have money to burn and you don’t really care about wearing real leather.  But why not get this option instead for  $42?


Is That Real? Deal!


MISS SELFRIDGE – Mini Pleat Faux Leather Skirt – $42

I can understand why some people refuse to wear leather for moral reasons, but I just can’t understand how they could  justify spending this type of money on plastic.  It isn’t like faux leather can be “organically” grown,  and you can’t deny that ALL plastic goods have a deep environmental impact.


Personally I think I would feel silly spending $400 on a skirt that was plastic, especially if someone asked me “Is that real?” ….. I’d have to respond with “Real leather you mean….why no! Is it really EXPENSIVE, why YES!”


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