What's It Like to Work With Tyler Perry? Zulay Henao And Wendi McLendon-Covey On 'The Single Moms Club'

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I understand that need to have your own thing and I hear that from some of my mom friends who are like, "When is it going to be my turn? I always wanted to have this career and now I'm here but I can't work as many hours as men because they have someone at home doing everything."

Single Moms Club
The Single Moms Club via Lionsgate Movies

What was your most memorable scene from The Single Moms Club

Zulay:  I have a favorite scene in the movie because I had such a breakthrough in my personal life that Tyler kinda help me get through. Tyler's so intuitive.  He's like a witch, that guy! I told him this to his face, so you can blog about it. {I asked} "How did you know that about me?" He's like, "I just know."

The scene with Eddie,  where I finally confront him to kinda get my independence back and the take that they ended up using in the movie is not the take that I thought they were going to use. It got to a really emotional, high-strung place for me and I loved that because I was so vulnerable and I'll be honest, Wendi (turns to Wendi). I think you and I talked about this...

During the beginning of production when I first got there, there was a moment that I was vulnerable but all for the wrong reasons. I was surrounded by all these super talented women, that have been doing this for so long, that are so accomplished, so I went in with some of that and my own personal stuff coming up, like with my relationship.  Tyler was just so intuitive in that scene.  I'm so upset that that's not the take we took because it was so eye-opening for me as far as my past relationships and how sometimes in life...in relationships, I let somebody else take my power away or take my happiness and it was really like a breakthrough.

I was like "Wow, I can let go of that and understand that I was just in a vulnerable place and I took it back and I'm okay now.  I was ending something then at that point during the filming.  Tyler was so happy for me.  I was crying and he said, "How do you feel?" Do you feel like you let go of something? {Because you know how Tyler talks} I responded" Yes, Thank you! That was a special scene for me. It was therapeutic for me.

Wendi: He (Tyler) will push you down the rabbit hole...gently, but he did that with Cocoa, too.

Zuley: or kick you down there...

Wendi: My most difficult scene was the last day of filming and I had to film the scene with my kid, Casey Brinon, who they could not have found a better girl to play my daughter.  That girl was whip smart.  She could improvise like nobodies business and she would give it back to me, just like I gave it to her.  She was good! And she cut me...she filleted me in this one scene, where she's like, "You don't care about me! You ruined my life!" I felt it in my guts, like "I'm a failure! I have failed her!" Then I have to go to my boss and be told that I'm not getting a promotion and I started crying so hard and I don't know why...I was not prepared for that and I think at one point I said, "I don't know why I'm crying! I'm PMSing and I'm legally allowed to do that! I made no sense but I couldn't stop crying and I'm like, "This isn't usable and Tyler wouldn't cut!

The fun part were definitely the strip club, sitting on the porch talking with the other ladies and the karaoke scene.

On how they find balance and what advice they would give to women who are trying to juggle it all?

Zulay:  We were just having this conversation this morning at my house because they asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said, "No, I don't have a boyfriend and quite frankly, it's not because I don't want to have a boyfriend right now. I would love to have a boyfriend to come home to every night or a husband but, I'm so busy right now.  I think the important thing is as a Latin woman, I feel that often times we fall into that this like work, work, work, or if your married it's all about my husband and your kids and you have to really stop and love yourself.  You have to make sure that you are okay, first.


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