Real tips to improve your memory

Why not make 2014 the year to increase your long-term, short-term and working memory?

Here are some great tips I found:

1. Build a memory palace.

This tips recommends associating items on a list with certain spots on a well-known route.

2. Say it out loud.

You'll be 10% more likely to remember. (Especially true with names when you repeat them back out loud.)

3. Look at nature.

It helps you increase your memory.

4. Take a nap.

Napping increases creativity and decreases the brain's resistance to learning.

5. Write it down.

Writing activates the reticular activating system.

6. Exercise.

It increases O2 to your brain.


7. Assign strong multi-sensory associations.

Need sugar? Remember by associating it with the smell of baking with Grandma.

8. Chunk  it.

Break big amounts of info down into small pieces. That's why phone numbers are written like this: 719-264-8808 instead of 7192648808.

9. Eat healthy brain foods.

Berries, fatty fish like sardines and nuts are all good for your brain and really do make a difference!

10. Get plenty of social interaction.

Studies show that this actually plays a big part in keeping your brain healthy!



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