Real Women Say Their Age

"Mama, at school when we sing Happy Birthday to the teachers, we don't say their age," inquired my 9 year old daughter.

"Oh really? What do you mean?" knowing full well exactly what she was getting to.

"We skip the 'how old are you part of the song. Why?" she said.

How would you answer this question?

I answered it by telling her that women have a 'thing' about their age. I told her that society and media tends to make women feel like its better to be young, and then I went on to say I think its was nuts especially because I am so very proud to be turning the big 4-0 this year!

Agepride Agepride2  Agepride6  Agepride3 

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My girl did not skip a beat, and responded with this,

"Well Grandma is old. I mean, she is like 70.....and Grandma is the greatest!"

"Yep babe, Grandma is the greatest." I said with a huge smile spreading across my face.

Well, that was easy,



Who would you rather hang with?

Natural beauty Streep or Frozen Face Kidman?

Streep Kidman 

Pistol Bening or Balloon Boobs Beckham? (c'mon! how do you even haul those things around?)

 Bening  Beckham

Real-deal Curtis or 'She Was So Cute Before' Ryan?

Curtis  Megryan

Think about who you really want to be.

What type of image are you projecting now?

Think about what you want your legacy in life to be. 

Do you want to be remembered for your vanity?

Think about the type of people you like to be around?

Are they hard, fake, and frozen....or are they soft, gentle, and real?

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