Reality Bites

So, if you have read my previous blogs, you know that I have a brain tumor that causes the condition known as Acromegaly, and that I will be having brain surgery to remove it within two weeks. I am engaged, to the most amazing man, who has an amazing family as well. We met almost 4 years ago, have been dating for three, and engaged for two. He is no doubt the love of my life, and we mean the world to eachother. We originally started to plan a medium/largish kind of classic wedding, the kind that pretty much every woman dreams of. A gorgeous dress, ceremony in a old absolutely beautiful Jewish Temple, which happened to be one block down the street from the most perfect reception venue, which also happened to be a classic hotel from the 1800s, totally refurbished, and renovated, and totally gorgeous. The hotel/venue was also next to a complete replica of the Globe Theatre in London, and the city was very small, a lot of shops, and restaurants, just the perfect setting for a romantic classic 4 day event wedding, when friends and family come in, stay at the hotel that the reception will be held, and attend preset wedding events. Like going to a play at the theatre, going for the rehearsal diner, going to a local winery, and the morning after the wedding, having a farewell brunch. The wedding we were planning was just a dream. However, was it my dream? Or his? Or was it was society was expecting of us, to host this wonderful event. I always though a wedding was supposed to be about us, not our guests, but I have seen a disturbing trend moving towards wedding being gala like events geared towards wowing guests, and stressing the bride and groom to the max, esp in the wallet. My fiance also seemed to be apprehensive about this kind of wedding. He is a very private, and shy person. He is loving, and romantic, and extremely tender hearted. He has always joked and said "lets elope this weekend, lets just get married", and I would brush it off thinking he would never actually want to do something like that. Well, recently we have been talking about it, and he told me he doesn't want this classic wedding, and to tell you all the truth, I was totally relieved! I was relieved because I had been feeling the same way. So, we have decided on a simple non-traditional elopement kind of wedding. Its going to be the most romantic, intimate, and beautiful wedding that has ever been. We will wed in my hometown, above a waterfall, at a gazebo, under a chupa with a Rabbi, and hopefully his mother as co-efficiants (his mother is an ordained Methodist Minister), in front of only our parents (his mother, and father, my mother, father and step father) our siblings and their one guest each( my sister, his brother), My grandmother, and my Best friend, who will be the official witness, and her guest which will prob be her mother, who is like another mother to me. So basically the ceremony will be in-front of our closest, most beloved family members. Then we will go to diner at a local restaurant, probably to the local gourmet Chinese restaurant, its a gorgeous place, with excellent food! However, the next morning is when the fun will start! We are going to send out invites to family and friends, saying that we are going to have an engagement party brunch, and at the brunch, we will announce with our families that we have already gotten married, and that we will be sending pictures, and yada yada. The whole plan is something I have been fantasizing about NON stop ever since my fiance hinted about it, and I am actually totally into it! Then I remember that I am having brain surgery, and I don't know if anyone else knows how it feels when you are on a natural high from pure elation, and then it feels like you are free falling away from it. Back to reality, and you know what, reality bites the big one sometimes! Fuck brain tumors! I want to think happy wedding thoughts!!! AHHH!


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