Fame Monster: Lady Gaga vs. The Minnesota Matron


According That Grape Juice, Lady GaGa instructed Vogue magazine that she has "one of the greatest voices in the industry."

Lady Gaga

My, my, tuts the demure midwestern mild-mannered Matron. People from Minnesota are not supposed to toot their own horns.

Student to Matron: "You're the best teacher I've ever had!"
Horrified Matron: "NO I'M NOT!"

John to Matron: "You look stunning today."
Matron: "Stop messing with me."

Now, the Matronly circle of influence is relatively small. She's a medium-sized fish in a medium-sized town and at a medium-sized college. Her range is limited. Lady GaGa, however, has the hormones necessary to place herself at the forefront of an entire global industry.

My, my, tuts the Matron.

So in that spirit:

The Matron is one of the best (if barely known) writers in the blogosphere -- when it comes to sheer narrative and prose. There, she did it. Friends, she's shaking and sweating to find herself so out of character.

Did the earth move? If you see a few stars fall tonight or the sky crack open in a Biblical sense, it's her fault.

The Matron is the best cook in her house!

Okay, not true.

The Matron is a great traveler and is looking forward to her flight home from Chicago tomorrow!

Again, not true.

Let's stick with the good writing thing.

Midwestern Matron

Friends: be bold!! What are you good at that you're proud of?


- Minnesota Matron 



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