A Realization - A Life Lesson at Work

I have been having some rough days at my job lately. And when I say rough I mean the kind that gives me heart palpitations and anxiety attacks. I get the sick to my stomach feeling. When I leave work I try to drop it from my mind. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes I am not. Today after a particularly awful day I came to a realization, my job is taking me away from my son. I don't mean the eight hours I am at work and my commute time. I mean, the more I stress, I feel like I am shaving days, maybe months off my life. We all know stress can be terrible for your body and mind.

I have to be conscious now, is it worth stressing over a job and getting sick over it? Or in the grand scheme of things is it unimportant? I have made a decision to go with the latter.

Don't get me wrong I work with some wonderful people but let's face it we all also work with those not so wonderful. There are some individuals who can be toxic to a work environment. I will no longer let those people steal my time away from my child. These toxic people will eventually face down karma, and who knows maybe they already do and I just don't know it. In the meantime though I can learn to ignore them and be happy within myself, because I want to live a long and healthy life and see this handsome face grow up into an amazing young man.


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