Really Giada De Laurentiis? That's Your Slim Cooking Secret?

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In a interview about her "slim cooking secrets," Food Network superstar Giada De Laurentiis said that agave was her latest thrill and she is putting it on everything as she seeks healthy alternatives for her daughter.

Yow! It's sugar, basically. In fact, it's higher calorie than sugar and totally non nutritive. Why would anyone with health in mind put that on everything? It's irresponsible to say something like this without doing your homework. People of influence should be contributing to the common good when it comes to educating people about making healthy food choices.

Obesity is killing us. It's making our kids much sicker at much younger ages. Agave nectar in itself won't kill anyone but bad information is certainly not helping. If you'd like to know the truth about agave and other healthy choices, please click the link.


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