Really Ticked Off

Ok. I am really ticked off right now. My neighbor has two little dogs. Every morning he lets them go out and poop in my front yard. So Saturday morning I took the liberty and scooped all the poopy up placed it in a neat pile in the corner by his driveway. I came home from my evening walk and he put one of the old dried up terds on the walkway  right by front door! Can you imagine?!?!  This is the same neighbor who did not pay his trash bill for over a year and put all his trash in front of my house. I called several times to the HOA and waste mgmt company. He had the nerve to catch me one morning putting my trash out and ask me if I have a problem with him putting his trash in front of my house!Ummm...yes! One time he put 12... thats right 12 bags of trash in front of my house!

Have you ever had this kind of neighbor and if so how did you handle it?


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