The Reason Some Relationships Last Forever

The best way to ruin your relationship? - Let fear and frustration take over.

We all have low self esttem about ourselves at one time  in our lives that we’ve held deep in our hearts. We then grow up validating those limiting beliefs when we get rejected or our heart’s broken.

Instead of seeing rejection as “proof” that we’re not worthy of the relationship we want or that we aren’t lovable, see it as what it is–external circumstances that do not define who we intrinsically are as a person.

In the end, this usually leads to us not taking the chances we need to take to get where we want in life.

We don’t ask that attractive person out…

We don’t speak up for ourselves when we know we should…

We don’t follow our heart’s desire to meet, connect, and know others…

…And instead, we let our limiting beliefs take the steering wheel.

Instead of betting on what’s right about us, we bet on what we dread might actually be true.

And we end up playing a smaller game than we truly want to… Just so that we don’t risk being hurt… being disappointed.

So what’s the reason why some people can have successful relationships and don’t fall apart at those crisis points?

It’s because of the individuals in the relationship choose to start making different choices, and be kind to themselves for the first time and take things into their own hands rather than just leaving things up to chance, love, or fate.

People in successful relationships have encountered their own shares of problems with their partners and were able to turn things around by taking action to change the emotional patterns and habits that jeopardized their relationship.



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