Reasons My Mama Is Crying - A Guest Post By My 2-Year-Old


Before you go, there's something else I wanted to mention..

Mama's blog has a great sponsor - Dolphy Games.  I seriously LOVE these games!  They are so cool!  When I click on the little dolphin to start it up it says, "Hello, T-Rex!"  And then there are all these great animals and colorful pictures of things I really like - like beach balls and watermelons.

Dolphy Games via Lazy Hippie Mama

Some of the games are just a little tricky... they really make me think.  I have to count or remember my shapes and colors but I'm getting really good at them and when I get a right answer the pretty voice says, "Well done, T-Rex!"  I can't help it.  That voice makes me so happy that I just have to jump up and down and clap.

My big sister has a version for older kids and she loves it, too.

Dolphy Games via Lazy Hippie MamaIf you have some kids in your house, or if you need a special present for a child you love, you should go visit Dolphy Games and pick out something awesome for them.  I bet they'll love it as much as I do!

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