Rebalance, Rethink and Refocus: Stephanie Coontz on Gender Shifts at PopTech

Historian Stepanie Coontz talks about rebalancing of genders, the theme of this year’sPopTech Conference.

She talks about when and how women not just in this country but worldwide, started to rebalance the power between sexes.

It starts happening between genders when women not just started to work but got paid to work. After they get into the workforce, literacy goes up, they get a choice of who they got to marry, and then labor laws changed among other things.

If you think about it, the countries with the lowest rights for women are the countries where women have the lowest access to the labor force. Sexual harassment didn’t come force in the U.S. until 1993.

Two thirds of divorces are initiated by women. Countries like China have had an 800% increase in divorce over the past 25 years. Countries which are socially more conservative, where women have experienced job independence but not other independence have gone on strike with marriage and motherhood.

Jennifer-Coontz (6)

Look at an example of what happens when women are empowered. In Guatemala, women are still exploited and underpaid and yet id="mce_marker"2 extra income in the hands of a Guatemalan mother adds healthy weight gain and balanced diet into the mouths of her children whereas it is an extra id="mce_marker"66 extra income in the hands of a man to get the same result.

Look at countries like Italy, where women don’t have as many rights, the woman who tastes that independence In Sweden, there is no such association.

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