recap. first post. welcome to my life

so. recap.
first thing you should know. I'm from a boring small town with no life, lots of friends, complicated family ties, and a screwed up love life.

still there?

wow. you really are looking for a story :)

well I must say, my life is pretty fantastic..
no really, its a real life roller coaster.... so maybe "fantastic" really isn't the word for me, let's try.. entertaining.

okay so I'm not some teenager looking to cry over the internet in hopes that some people will listen to my darkest secrets and assist me in my search for a deeper meaning.
I'm really just a young "adult", early 20's, looking to just, talk.

it's really hard for me to pick somewhere in my life to just start talking about. but I'll try.

let's say, all throuh elementary school, i was pretty ... lost.
I moved 6 times. didn't get to make a whole lot of friends. and when my mom finally did settle down in one place, the amount of friends i made were limited.
you know the ugly kid in the back of the class? yea that was me.

you have people say to you now: "oh you weren't ugly, you had those cute little curls and that quirky smile... you were.. cute" -or- "wow, you sure have grown into one beautiful young lady." as if to say, "we all know you were an eye sore, but you really made up for those lost times. no big deal!"

see. I was never smooth with the boys until high school.
and it is true! moving up in the world really gives you a chance to change yourself, and become who you want to be.

My first kiss was not on the school play ground in grade 4, or at my grade 8 graduation dance. wasn't even an innocent kindergarten smooch.
nope. my first kiss was in grade nine. AFTER the braces, the makeup, the clothes. I don't mind though. because I sit here now and think... what the hell have I gotten myself into these past couple years?!

--young girls, if you read this, don't rush it. i dont mean sex, that's for another night. but i mean boys, in general. don't rush falling in love, don't rush growing up period. trust me, it happens fast enough.

but im not here to preach.


high school for me was pretty great. as great as it could be i guess.
i was a cheer leader. loved it. actually met some nice cheerleaders, shocking, i know.

i met a lot of people, made a lot of friends, only kept a few. you know how it is.

Now I'm done school, living on my own, working, thinking of university. who knows.

but yea. theres kinda a recap of my not so awesome life so far..
told you it's pretty typical.

but its just this past year where everything gets tripped up. and youll see what i mean soon enough.

if you are interested in knowing more about me, or just curious to see how my story ends, stick around. I will be on almost every night. hopefully.

you can call me B.


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