Recession Proofing for Dummies: 7 Fool Proof Tips

I have been looking for some recession proofing tips from everywhere, experimenting in real life. While some of them work wonders, others are just not worth it. No offense to Home makers, but time is a very important issue with working mothers. Anything too time consuming is eventually not worth it. Here are some of the tried and true tips that actually work!

1. Go Green

Even though this sounds so simple, this is extremely cost effective and Eco friendly. I was very skeptical when I first started substituting some of my heavy duty cleaning supplies to plain old vinegar and baking soda. To my surprise, this stuff really works!! The possibilities are endless; they can be used for any house cleaning jobs.

De-clogging kitchen/bathroom sinks, shower heads, faucets and toilets: My kitchen sink is so annoying, it gets clogged often and my garbage disposer refuses to cooperate. But instead of using liquid plumber like always, I just mixed up some vinegar, warm water and baking soda, poured it in all my sinks. I poured some of the vinegar-baking soda mixture in small cheap zip lock bags and tied them to the Faucet and shower heads. After 10 minutes or so, all the sinks are de-clogged and all the build up from the faucet-showerhead is gone! Compare this to Liquid plumber which costs up to $6.99 for a small bottle. A big can of white vinegar and big packet of baking soda can be bought well under $5 and could be used for several applications(just remember to buy store/generic brand)

Eliminating bad odors and deodorize: Anybody with little boys will have plenty of experience with this. I have two little boys in the house when it comes to bathroom habits (one of them is my husband). So you can imagine, by the end of the week, bathroom turns NASTY. I usually clean up in the weekends, but still feel like I can't get the urine smell out. When I try to cover it up using some spray air fresheners, it just smells like perfumed, flowery urine (sorry for being so explicit). Finally I found a solution, keeping a cup full of vinegar uncovered in the bathroom makes any bad odor disappear. After some time, the vinegar absorbs all those bad odors and leaves a fresh scent in the bathroom.

Effective tile and grout cleaner: mix some vinegar, baking soda and any dishwashing liquid as a paste. Apply the mixture in the grouts and let it sit for a while. In the meantime, you can take care of other things like cleaning the bathroom windows, shower doors etc (yeah, all that fun stuff). After sometime, just wash the mixture away with some hot water and all the dirt comes right off. You can use the same mixture to scrub the bathtub too, the baking powder doubles as a gentle scrubber for the bath tub. Compare to scrubbing bubbles- $6.99 per pack.

2. Save big on grocery shopping:
I found out just a few tips and tricks saves a lot of money. Just have to be disciplined to follow them.

Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry: This is just common sense; we tend to buy senseless stuff when we are starving.

Always keep shopping list ready: Saves a lot of time and money because then we don't get diverted unnecessarily. Just remember to stick to your list, Buy generic store brand not the name brand: This slashes up to 30-40% off your grocery bill. There are virtually no differences between them. Use the same method when you are buying over the counter medication- look for Walgreen’s/longs brand.

Clip coupons: Go to or message boards, print some coupons and keep it ready for the next grocery store trip.

Use the store membership cards: Usually big chains like Ralph’s, Albertson’s etc reward their loyal customers by giving additional discounts. Especially when you buy a lot of store brand items.

Buy in bulk: But be careful, some of these items in Costco or Sam's club could turn out to be expensive even though they come in bulks. Usually, buying in bulks seems to good value. Research, research, research!

3. Drug store lipsticks and makeup work just fine:
I have tried both mall bought makeup and makeup from drug stores, can't tell the difference. Drug store brand L’Oreal even has mineral makeup as good as Bare essentials. Revlon's lipsticks are even better, creamier than Estee Lauder and nearly costs half as much. Max factor and wet and wild have amazing eye shadows/ liners. Personally, I like NYC also because their products are cheaper and the quality is excellent. Physician's formula is a good alternative for Clinique, for women with sensitive skin. Burt and bee's moisturizers work better than any mall varieties.

4. Save on other toiletries:
Buy store brand for shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps, paste, floss, mouth wash etc. Splurge a little on leave in conditioners and skin nourishing creams. The bottom line is, you invest more on the products that stays longer in the skin, such as, perfumes, creams and leave in conditioners. Invest as less as possible for products that stay in your skin for a short period of time, like liquid soaps. Get the most out of your products by applying your moisturizers and perfumes right after you take a shower, when your bathroom is still steamy. Your skin absorbs better so you can use smaller amount.

5. Make your own facial masks, deep conditioners and scrubs:
There are two advantages in doing so, it's eco friendly and cost effective. Plus they are actually better than store bought ones. Oats+ honey+ yogurt is an excellent facial mask which can double as whole body mask. Coarse sugar with little lemon is a good body scrubber. Yogurt + egg whites +vinegar + lemon juice can work wonders with your hair as a mask.

6. Drink tap water:
Sorry to burst your bubble, but tap water is all you need. Plus most bottled waters start out as plain old tap water anyways, no where close to the 'mountain spring' like they claim. So why waste money?

7. Be your children's own tutor:
The fees for tutoring and coaching centers are just ridiculous! Stop wasting money and be your child's own personal tutor in providing help for their homework. You can probably send them to college with all the extra money saved, plus it strengthens your bond with your children. As a parent, you are your child's best tutor and no tutor in the world can make them learn better than you. Try making the learning experience positive for both you and your child by inventing creative, fun and innovative learning games and strategies. For more learning ideas, visit


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