Recipe: Kale Chips


Settling into a new home takes a while. First you have to move everything you own into the new residence. Then you go through your new cupboards, closets, nooks and crannies and decide where to put everything. All your stuff, that had found their places in your old home, must now find their places in your new one.

And then, even when everything is unpacked, you're still not settled. For example, we've been in our new house for almost ten weeks now, and Mike is still asking me where the colander lives.

We're still settling. This is home, but it's only in the last few weeks that it started actually feeling like home.

Kale is like that for me. It's new. I added it to my shopping list after reading Bob Harper's Skinny Rules. Bob loves kale. Maybe I could, too. But it is so different. It's heartier, and has more crunch to it. In my grocery store, it's not bundled; you buy it loose, shoving it awkwardly into those produce bags they provide. And mostly, it's just new. I had a hard time finding it a home in our meal plans, a lot like the colander in my new kitchen.

Awkward and nervous, I went on a smoothie bender. It worked, and I felt very healthy (and a little proud) as I sipped my mean green shakes, but it wasn't until I found kale chips that I really felt at home with this new green.

Using a trick that is usually reserved for children- presenting new or unfavorable food in a hidden or more favorable way- I tricked myself into eating a whole bunch of kale with all the finger-lickin yum of potato chips.

Now, would my good friend Bob Harper have approved? Maybe not.

Have I fallen head over heels in love with kale? Unequivocally, YES.

Get the recipe for kale chips here:


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