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okay, i love food! unfortunately, i have some health issues that are very serious and require great care and discretion with everything that i eat. I have amassed a little collection of "go to" recipes that i know i can have. and my family loves them! this one is super easy and it's a favorite!

you will need:
3 cloves of garlic
1 head of broccoli 
1 wedge of pecorino romano cheese
5 mild italian chicken sausage links
1 box of penne pasta
olive oil
onion powder
black pepper
red pepper flakes

Start by prepping the broccoli and grating your cheese. cut the head of broccoli into 'little trees' and rinse briefly in a colander, and set aside. then grate the cheese and set aside. this is done in a snap!

next, fill a pot with water and get the heat cranking on it, set the timer for seven minutes (the time is three minutes short because you're going to add the broccoli in the pot for the last three minutes of cooking) while you wait for that to boil, get started on the sausage. peel and roughly mince the garlic (this only takes a minute). in a saucepan, over low/medium heat, add a scant tbsp of olive oil, a hefty sprinkle of the black paper and onion powder, and a tiny dash of the red pepper flakes. toss the garlic in there too.

pop the sausages out of their casings ( just run a knife down the middle of each, you can pull the casings right off) and add them to the sauce pan with the spices and garlic. 
the pasta water should be boiling at this point - add a little salt to the water and pour the pasta in. remember, set the timer for seven minutes.
..continue browning the sausage while the pasta boils.

when the timer for the pasta goes off, add in the broccoli and set timer for three additional minutes. the sausage will finish up cooking during this time ( adjust the heat if need be, on the sausage)

when the timer goes off, drain the broccoli and pasta and return them to the pot. add a smidgen of margarine, and black pepper. add the sausage. (you don't need to add salt because pecorino romano is a nutty, salty cheese)
then add about a cup of the pecorino romano cheese. more if you wish.

give it a few good tosses, and badda-bing badda-boom..
 serve it up with a little extra pecorino romano on top. so yummy!
this really is light and super flavorful!
i probably make this too often, but i can't get enough of it.
i hope you enjoy it as much as my family does!
happy eating! >
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