Recipe for Reading


4 cups of hugs mixed with time and pleasure

Continue the time and add a large stack of books

Mix the time, pleasure, and hugs along with fun and adventure.

Add a dose of curiosity with imagination and you have a child that will celebrate reading every day.

Reading takes us to where we have been before and where we yearn to go. Reading relaxes us and helps us to be innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

I came up with the idea to write this article through my many years of teaching children to read. Children will want to keep doing something that is fun. Children also feel proud and confident when they learn something new. Reading gives them the opportunity to  feel a sense  of accomplishment that they can do it.

The more a child,  or pre-teen reads the more prior knowledge they build in their minds, and the more of an imagination they have. Our greatest inventors and innovators were great readers , of their day.

Reading does not have to be boring but an adventure. Going to places you have never been before without leaving the comfort of your home. When reading a book your child loves find out more about the character , and have the child with the help of family and friends and act it out.  

I love teaching reading, because I love the feeling that it gives them everytime they open a book and learn something new.  A good idea is a family  book night. This  can be every day , once a week or once a month. When the entire family gets to gether and reads aloud a chapter or two of their favorite book. Children can help read or just listen.

I hope you enjoyed this short article and will employ some of these techniques in your home.






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