A Recipe for Search Engine Success- First Ingredient Is Web Site Content Development

Heather Syzdek, an Asheville web site designer and business associate of mine at http://www.Jaymunda.com once said “If you are wiling to pay thousands of dollars for a high performance web site, why wouldn’t you hire a professional to write it?” This is a question many companies don’t consider as they build or redesign a web site. I’ve had many clients say “I’m a great writer, I can handle the web site content myself”, but what they aren’t considering is the technical aspect of writing for the web. Developing and writing web site content involves the consideration of many different details. Web site writing experts should have a clear understanding and demonstrative knowledge about web site programming, graphic design, search engine technology, keyword analysis, web site analytics, market research and branding. Your web site content should be consistent with the company image you are building in other forms of marketing and media. You should also have researched the online behaviors of your target markets in order to attract your perfect customers via the search engines.

The 5 Steps of Web Site Content Development

Step 1. Internet Marketing and Promotional Evaluation
A web site writing specialist must first review your existing marketing plan to identify your current image and branding goals. The evaluation of your existing marketing plan and the individual strategies you have implemented will help the writer understand what has succeeded in the past and what has failed. This will help the writer fully grasp the professional identity and marketing voice you want reflected in your web site content.

Step 2. Keyword Analysis
The foundation of search engine ready web site content is keyword analysis. Once your web site content writer has defined your target markets and brand goals your web site visitor behaviors can be explored through vigorous keyword analysis. Niche markets will be explored, in addition to larger target groups. Once customer behavior is considered carefully and thoughtfully content development can begin.

Step 3. Web Site Content Writing
A good web site writer will know how to format your web site content for the search engines and manage the keyword density. You want your main keywords to be prominent, however, you also want to retain the creative integrity of the content. Understanding the nature of search engine technology is essential for this step. A professional writer should also be able to write marketing copy that is in line with your company image and brand. The voice reflected in your web site should match the marketing voice you use in advertising, direct mail and other promotional strategies.

Step 4. Make Good Programming and Design Recommendations
An experienced web site writer will know the basic ins and outs of search engine optimization and web site design and programming. Keywords and phrases can be recommended to programmers for inclusion in various parts of the web site code. This allows the search engines to identify keywords and phrases both on the back end and the front end of the web site. Keyword suggestions within the actual web design, such as keyword menu items, will allow web site content to be used to its potential. This consistency will increase your search engine readiness.

Step 5. Web Site Analytics Reports
Any web site content developer must be able to review and report on the web site analytics on a monthly or quarterly basis. These web site analytics will show clearly what content is most popular and which keywords are generating more potential business. When hiring a web site writer ask them if they can read and report on web site analytics and how often they will make an evaluation of the web site traffic and visitor behaviors. This is a technical skill you can’t afford to go without!


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