Reclaiming the Master Bedroom

I am messy.  I am not a born-organized kind of person.  Things around me are not dirty (I don't like dirty), but there is clutter.  There are piles all around my desk and all over my husband's desk and on top of the file cabinet and on my bedside table.  Things stack up on the table just inside the front door, on the buffet in the kitchen, on most any flat surface. 

My sweetie and I don't mind this for the most part. It drives my mom-in-law and my daughter nuts, but we can always find what we need.  Stuff is all filed choronogically and geographically.  It's like this:  I had it yesterday and I was on the computer so it must be near the top of this stack over here. 

I'm not making excuses.  I'm just stating the facts.  I try to be organized and I can't keep it up.  If I go it all at once, I get burnt out.  If I try to take it slow and easy, I get bored.  So, compared to my house 5 years ago, I have more stuff (mostly more kid stuff), but it is getting less cluttered and more organized one project at a time.  Once I get something done it usually isn't too hard to hang onto it (except for those flat spaces in the common areas - they ALWAYS collect ALL the paper that comes into the house). 

some photoscurtainsThe highlight for me was redoing our master bedroom.  We wanted a more romantic place that was a haven for us.  It is LOVELY!  We did it last April.  Put down laminate flooring, painted it bold, deep colors (scarlet's velvet and geneva blue with water chestnut accents).  I made new curtains and a cover for my vanity stool.  We painted the baseboards, the door, the closet doors and all the trim.  Then I put up black and white 'romantic' posters.  It's SO pretty.

Well, it WAS so pretty.



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