Recommending 10 types of fat to become thin

According to the different causes of obesity can be divided into many types,
thin, which have to recognize that they are the type of fat found for methods of
First, simple obesity

1, the physical nature of obesity

: Congenital. Slower metabolism in the body material, synthetic material
is greater than the speed of the speed of decomposition.

Phenomenon: The
large number of fat cells, throughout the whole body, his face there is the
phenomenon of baby fat.

: Choice for aerobic exercise training.

2, acquired obesity

: Caused by excessive eating. Sweet foods,
oily food, more than fat distributed in the trunk.

Phenomenon: fat
cells, but the number does not increase. Puffiness type of physical, cross-Yinie
meat loose, not really tight.

: Healthy eating, in order to better food.

Second, pathological obesity

1, Cushing syndrome

Adrenocortical hyperthyroidism, excessive cortisol secretion.

Phenomenon: the face, neck and body hypertrophy, but not more than four
limbs are fat.

: Chinese medicine can be used to regulate weight loss

2, pancreatic

Reason: too much insulin secretion, and lower
metabolic rate, try to reduce the break down fat and increase the synthesis.

Phenomenon: whole body fat.

: Better regulation of day-to-day
diet, to strengthen the campaign to raise the metabolic rate.

3, sexual

: Cerebral obesity, with the loss of sexual function, or loss
of libido.

Phenomenon: breast, lower abdomen and genitals in the
vicinity of obesity.

: Exercise is the most important means of

4, pituitary

: Pituitary disease, leading to
excessive secretion of anterior pituitary growth hormone.

full-body bone, soft tissue, visceral hyperplasia and hypertrophy. Bone, muscle
prominent stomach.

: Catering mainly to light, and to strengthen

5, hypothyroidism

: Hypothyroidism.

Phenomenon: obesity and type mucus edema. Often prone to leg swelling

: Regulation of Chinese medicine can be used, and can not be
too much intake of salt, water, food to eat more profits.


Reasons: aroused by the drug's side effects, such as by the
adrenal cortex hormones led to the drug.

Phenomenon: the medication for
a period of time after the emergence of obesity, such as some suffering from
allergic diseases, the type of rheumatism, asthma patients.

: Life must
have discipline and focus on the quality of life, strengthen the day-to-day

7, subcutaneous fat

Features: The main distribution of
fat in the abdomen, buttocks and legs in the subcutaneous tissue.

Hyperactivity, eat less, especially with less fat and more greasy food.

8, visceral fat

Features: The main distribution of fat in the
abdominal peritoneum. Waist and stomach on a lot of weight.

: Every
morning to drink a cup of salt increases the temperature of boiling water,
defecation drug-money, eat more fruits and vegetables.

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