Recovered Bar Stools

So it's time for an upgrade! I've had these stools (garage-sail born) for about four years now and they came paint or fabric covering....which had to be fixed. I initially bought a premixed gallon of oil-based paint that was the perfect dark brown (you know, the ones people mix and don't want? AKA discount!). After repainting our kitchen, four years of use, and finding a fun new fabric, I decided its time to fancy up these stools too!

First, I started by updating the old paint job. Stools have many legs and are difficult to paint with a brush....if you've ever tried it, you feel me on this one. Did someone say spray paint? Of course, I used the Rustoleum Oil-Rubbed Bronze which immediatly covered any scuffs the ole stools had acquired and brought the skinny legs back to life!

Then I took to the fabric staples with needle-nose pliers and a flathead screwdriver. Remember though, when all else fails, scissors are your new best friends. My inability to utilize patience led to hacking off the old material and simply stapling on the we go!

Start by lying out the fabric to line up in the pattern that you'd like...

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