A Red Carpet Blogging Moment

Waiting for celebs to arrive on the red carpet: I'm running late for press call time, always, so when I first get there, I'm really pumped up, then I say a couple hello's to other photogs and journalists I may have met previously, then I double check my camera and digital voice recorder are working.  Oh, this time I devised a great new way to hook my DVR into my necklace, and my cellphone in my boot.  Next, I start practicing what I'm gonna say, cause it depends on how much time you have, and if the celebs are staying together to do interviews or splitting up.  Like if Kevin & Cube were together when it was my turn, I had a good question ready.  I saw a behind the scenes video on YouTube during the filming of Ride Along, where Kevin said Ice Cube had Irritable Bowel Syndrome on set. He was trash-talking, you know, but I wanted to see if Cube had a comeback for him... READ MORE


Tinsel & Tine (Reel & Dine)


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