Red Carpet Kids

A few posts back I wrote about a 14 year old Bright Young Thing.  Her fashion credentials are the exact opposite to mine when I was 14 and wearing Laura Ashley and Levi's 501s - anything to dress like my friends.  If you're really keen you can read about her here:

Well I just had another such moment.  Below is a picture of Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.  You'd be pretty happy with those genes wouldn't you.  Anyway, she is ten.  TEN!! One year older than nine.  Not yet eleven.   10.

I don't know what to say.  I'll start by saying you have to admire confidence like that.  After you've admired her confidence, it's time to wonder what was she thinking.  Then think back to when you were ten.

There is video footage of me at that age.  Want to know what I am doing in it?  I am wearing green terry-toweling shorts and a t-shirt with a koala saying, "C'Mon Aussie", that's what.  I am playing with a hot pink sarong with gold palm trees, wrapping it around my head then getting all tangled up and having to be rescued before I suffocate.  That's what I was doing at ten.

Confidence is good.  But I wonder if she'll look back in her thirties and wonder "what the hell?" like the rest of us.

Bold shoulder: Willow Smith showcased an edgy outfit as she arrived at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles tonight



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