Red Feather Networking

Red Feather Networking was born out of the stunning realization that making connections with other people opens up the world and allows amazing things to happen. Simply getting to know the people you meet allows you to make connections between people you know, recognize opportunities for enhancing each others lives, and generally make the world a happier place. You don't need an ulterior motive or want something in particular. You just need the desire to open up, look around, and experience something pretty amazing over time.

We're here to help you lean how to do it. Introvert, extrovert, traditional networker, or homebody — we offer articles, workshops, keynotes, videos, books, and advice to help you make connecting with others easier. We'll help you with information about topics related to networking, such as professionalism, work issues, job hunting, and living your best life.

It does take a little practice and dedication, and it takes some courage to risk rejection. However, it doesn't take time away from your job or your family. It doesn't require you to ask everyone you know for favors, and it doesn't mean people will start avoiding your phone calls because you bug them too much!

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