FUNNY Pick Up Lines You Can Use To Make Him Laugh!

Hey Babydoll,

Humor A Man To Make Him Like You

Do you want to 'turn up the heat' or 'pump it up' with your man and get closer than ever before?

Then you got to give these FLAMING HOT AND CHEESY PICK UP LINES A TRY!

But first, here's how you can use them.


#1: Rehearse them. Practice makes perfect here ladies. You need to get these pick up lines memorized before attempting to use them.


#2: Use at all opportunities. Whenever you get a private moment, whisper them into your man's ears to confirm your love. Write little notes and stuff them in his pocket or his shoes for him to find.


And last #3: Have fun with it. This is ment to be a cute joke.


Ok, so here's the  hit list of words to say to attract a man:


1. My soul feeds on your love to exist

2. I'm only alive because of your love for me

3. My love, you fill my heart with sunshine and rainbows every moment.

4. I only see your face when I dream

5.  I choose you.

6.  I'm so in love with you it hurts my heart

7.  You were made to be loved by me

8.  I know you love me

9. We were born to be together forever

10. We are a match made in heaven, so love me


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