Red Pepper Soup and more!

As you've probably surmised by reading my blog, I do a lot of eating out! Even when it isn't Random Dinner Night or time for Brunch I'm usually too tired or too lazy to make dinner. This is a bad habit! DIY Thursdays ensures that a) I make dinner from scratch one day a week, b) I get together with the lovely Rachel, Olga and Victoria, and c) I get to see this guy more often:

DIY Thursday Mustard

Mustard showing off his snaggle tooth

Not a bad trade off, non? A few weeks ago we decided to make Rose Reisman's Wild and Brown Rice Pilaf with Dried Fruit and Pecans from her book the Complete Light Kitchen.  We did a few improvisations changing up the rice and the most risky change up - using an orange freezy as we had run out of orange concentrate! 

Rose Reisman Recipe DIY Thursday

But the results:

Rose Reisman Recipe DIY Thursday
Beautiful Rice - Delicious, Fruity, Nutty and with a hint of citrus. Yum! 

To go with our excellent rice, I brought over some homemade red pepper soup that I made the night before.  I've been making this red pepper soup for many, many years and it's honestly the easiest thing to make.  

DIY Thursday Red Pepper Soup
Homemade Red Pepper Soup

Get the recipe at


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